The Gap –

The space between the life we’ve known and the life we are creating

If you set goals, you might have noticed that there is always a gap between where you currently are and what you want to achieve. This is known as the “dreaded gap.” Sometimes, the gap may seem vast, while other times, it could be as small as jumping over a puddle. Regardless of its size, there is growth in the gap.

 Face Your Fear

At first, you may feel fear residing in the gap. Overcoming this part of the gap helps to feed your faith and starve your fear. In other words, focus on the prize rather than what is missing. The first step is to embrace your fear. Make friends with it, welcome it. Fear lets you know you are on the verge of something new and better. In a business setting, fear is simply feedback. If you are feeling anxious about a connection, proposal, or presentation, look for the underlying paradigm and re-frame it.

 Focus on Abundance

The next step in closing the gap is to focus on abundance and ignore what feels like a lack. What you focus on expands. If you only see what is missing, you will find more things missing in your life. If you concentrate on the fact that we live in an abundant universe, you will see more abundance. The quickest way to achieve abundance is to FEEL it. How will you feel when you reach your goal? Feel that way now.

 Be a Giver

Another great way to close the gap is to give. If you want more money, give some away. If you desire more love, start giving love to everyone you meet. You will attract what you are willing to offer. If you want more customers, shop with more businesses.

On the other side, you need to be a gracious receiver. If someone pays you a compliment, say, “Thank you.” Please don’t put yourself down or feel the need to return the compliment. Just enjoy the moment and allow the giver to feel the joy of giving. It is a shame that we have reduced giving money to “a handout.” Many people love to share, and we need to allow them that pleasure by being grateful.

If you are currently facing a gap in your life whether it is a simple gap like needing a new skincare routine, or a more complex gap like reaching your sales goals, I’m here to assist.  Book a casual conversation today.