A Message from Me

Since 1998, I’ve been on a mission to help people transform their lives in countless ways, blending the art of beauty with personal growth. As a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Licensed Clinical Esthetician, Independent Beauty Guide, and Certified Life Mastery Consultant, I’ve grasped the art of seeing beneath the surface. There’s nothing more fulfilling than uncovering someone’s true essence and guiding them toward a brighter, more beautiful future. My passion lies in empowering women, combining the transformative power of coaching with the magic of cosmetics and skincare.

My goal? To map out a journey that leads you to your dreams and does so with style and grace. Envision yourself at the height of your achievements, radiant and confident, fully embracing the vast potential of your future. I specialize in enhancing Health & Beauty, ensuring you feel as good on the outside as you do on the inside. Let’s work together to find that perfect balance between inner growth and outer beauty,  you could also achieving Time & Money Freedom along the way. Ready to uncover the most radiant version of you? Let’s make it happen.



Debra Felske

About Debra

Debra combines her deep passion for skincare and makeup with a heartfelt understanding of personal health journeys, especially those navigating challenges like basal cell carcinoma. Drawing on her own experience and years of expertise as a Licensed Esthetician, Debra knows firsthand the frustration and disappointment that can come from seeking treatment and feeling overlooked by the healthcare and beauty systems. Her holistic approach goes beyond beauty, acknowledging the complex interplay between health, well-being, and appearance.

With a background that also includes navigating the intricacies of health challenges, Debra offers a compassionate and informed perspective to those facing their own battles. Whether you’re dealing with skin health issues, seeking ways to boost your confidence through skincare and makeup, or simply looking to enhance your natural beauty while managing a health condition, Debra is here to support and guide you.

Her mission extends to helping you find beauty solutions that align with both your aesthetic desires and your health needs, understanding the importance of a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of your well-being. Through personalized advice, natural product recommendations, and a supportive community, Debra aims to empower you to feel confident and beautiful, inside and out, no matter the challenges you face. Join her in exploring skincare and makeup that not only enhances your beauty but supports your journey to health and happiness. Click here to learn more about the products and practices that Debra stands by.