This month, July, the focus is on intentions.  Intention implies that you get to choose.  The important part is that you can not choose not to choose.  If you choose nothing, it is still a choice.  We were created to be creators.

We get to describe how we want our life to be.  Once we send it out to the void, the Universe, collective consciousness (however you choose to describe the creative energy) it receives no energy until the void understands your intention.  Where are you putting your attention?  What are you expressing interest in?

If you are working with a vision, but you don’t read it every day or get interested in aspects of it, you will miss what might be working in your favor, as you are reading this.  Get interested in you desires and start to notice what is already showing up and where it is presenting itself.

Where you place your attention is where the Universe believes you have placed your intention.  Our interest is our highest attractive modality.

This month, to begin working with intention, we are going to pay attention to what we are paying attention to.  Tune into your Observer, or Witness Self.  This is the part of you that can notice what you are noticing without getting caught up in the humanness of it all…the drama.  I suggest you create a daily journal prompt to tag moments where you notice what is going on without being part of it.  Start to notice things that are not in tune with your intentions.  Perhaps you say you want a deep, loving relationship but you notice that you are always focusing on how lonely you feel.  There is not coherence in those two feelings.  One is a longing and the other is discontent. These are the things you want to start noticing.

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