Nurturing our body is about creating a loving relationship

Start everyday by looking at your body in the mirror and telling it, “I love you, I love every inch of you.  And, I love every grey hair, wrinkle, stretch mark. For years I tried to match what I saw in magazines.  I bought all the latest skin care, body care and supplements to “improve” how I appeared to the outside world.  This kind of thinking only leads to self-doubt and condemnation.  It took time, but I now proudly present all my “flaws” to the world.  I love myself.

You would not expect someone to love you in return if you constantly criticized, would you?  Then let us stop criticizing ourselves.

Good nutrition feed  your body and your brain


Next, take a look at what you are feeding your body.  Your body relies on real nutrition – whole, fresh, unprocessed foods.  The body’s cellular structure was created to function on foods that evolved with the planet: pasture raised meats, wild caught fish, fresh fruits and vegetables.  It digests these well and in return gives us energy, mental clarity, and good health.

The body does not recognize “fast” or processed foods.  It will automatically metabolize them as sugar and store them as fat.  Many times, this leads to inflammation.

Surround yourself with like minded people


Third, look at the people you surround yourself with.  Are they negative or “toxic” people?  Surrounding yourself with whiners, complainers and generally sour people can create a dis-eased state in our bodies.  It is healthier to surround yourself with people who are kind, loving and compassionate.

Clear up your environment


Finally, take a look at your environment.  Is it hectic and chaotic, or peaceful and calm?  Create beauty all around you and you will create vibrant health inside.

Today I challenge you to write a loving letter to your body.  Thank it for all the years of service it has provided for you.  Tell it all the things you love about it.  If it is not functioning as well as you would like, bless it and wish it well, like you would a good friend.

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