Thinking thoughts of greater health

Learning to Stretch your thoughts for better health

Stretching is a great way to tone and strengthen the body.  When we think of stretching, we normally think of extending our limbs to their fullest potential.  The same is true of our mind, spirit, abundance and creativity.  Sometimes you just need to stretch to get what you want and consciously think thought of better health.

As we talked about last week, your stretch (or your health) is yours.  No one else’s.  What is a stretch for you is appropriate for where you are at this moment. Do not try to compare it to someone else’s stretch.  The important thing is that you know when you are stretching and when you are coping out.

Where in your body do you experience discomfort?

 Do you have an area of your body that is giving you discomfort?  Have a conversation with that part of you.  Ask it, “what can I do to assist you in feeling optimum?” Rest in silence for a moment and wait for the answer.  It WILL come. It is remarkable what you can get from your subconscious when you let your body parts speak.

Everything starts with thought.  I know this is not news to you.  Thoughts create feelings, feelings create action, action creates results.  What thoughts have you been thinking about your health, your job, your spouse, or your lifestyle?  It all comes out through your body.  Let’s talk metaphysics for a moment. Meta comes from the Greek meaning after, with or across.  After you have had thoughts that might cause dis-ease in your body we tend to treat the physical ailment at a physical level. Thinking thoughts for health is the first step.

In order to treat dis-ease, you must start with mindfulness

You can treat a physical condition, however, if you don’t treat the cause, you have accomplished nothing. You do not have to agree with a diagnosis.  Love yourself to find the underlying cause and treat the cause.

The challenge for this week is to look at what dis-comfort or dis-ease you currently are connecting with in your body and get out of the way and let your subconscious mind, aka intuition, go to work with the conscious mind to find a solution.

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