What do you want to do today? 

What do you need to do today?  A better question might be, what is your intension.

Many people talk about setting goals, writing to do lists, and planning their future.  Do they know what their intension is?  You might notice I’m using the word intension, not intention. Intension and intention are very similar words.  Intention is an aim or a plan.  Intension means resolution or determination.  It is easier to see the difference when you think of the words intent: that was his intent; or intense: she is very intense.  Intense has a definite feeling of passion about it the intent just doesn’t have.

So how often do you set your intensions? 

I start by setting one before I go to sleep so my beautiful subconscious can work on it overnight.  Then, I set an intension in the morning for the things I’m passionate about getting done.  I also write down what I intend to do, but those are further down the list. Sometimes, I have to reset my intension because I am human and get sidetracked…. a lot.  There is no right answer.  Create your own intension setting rituals.  Make it enjoyable.  Spend time really getting into the FEEL of your intension.  Visualize why this intension is important to you.  Once you’ve built up your intension frenzy, go get it done.


  1.  You might start with a meditation.  The infinite mind, Universe, collective consciousness could give you a download on what you intension could be for the day based on the vision you have already created for your future.
  2.  Take a moment to really FEEL how you life would be if you completed your intensions for the day.  Feelings have all the power and energy necessary to make things happen.
  3.   Be grateful where you are.  It doesn’t matter what your circumstances look like, be grateful for them.  I personally have a gratitude board that I add to everyday

My challenge for you this week is to get intense about your goals.  If you need help defining your vision, attend my next vision workshop.  Share your intension in the comment section so we can all cheer you on.