To Journal or Not to Journal

I have a love/hate relationship with journaling

I have journals that date back to 1988.  Also, I buy new journals every year, sometimes two or three of them.  When I review my journals, it is always sad to see all the blank pages where I just decided to quit writing and left the remainder of the year unnoticed. At the moment, I have three journals; one for observing nature, one for personal stuff and my business journal.  Not a great plan for someone who isn’t consistent.

According to the experts, journaling is good therapy.  I suppose that’s true if you actually enjoy writing.  My handwriting is not great and printing takes too long.  I realize I can do an electronic journal but then I lose the creative pleasure of opening up my pretty journal.  In addition, I spend a bit of time deciding what color pen I want to use and whether it should be a gel pen, felt tip or plain bic. Such conflict over a task that might take 10 minutes of my time.

So, what is the science behind journaling?

According to a study from India, writing activates more regions of the brain than typing.  When you are writing you actually have to think about what you are writing and you will remember the events of your day better if you write them down.

Writing in your journal also helps clear your brain so you can gain more clarity.  We all know that making a list helps clear your thoughts, journaling works the same way.  Rather than having a viscous cycle of thoughts running amuck in your head you can write them in your journal, do a little analysis, then free your brain to get back to focusing on your dreams.

Speaking of dreams,

journals are a great place to let your creative ideas flow without judgement.  You can just free flow with your pen to help tap into your inner wisdom and solve problems and create solutions.  Or, you could keep a dream journal of all those crazy dreams you have at night.  I would need another journal for that.

Although I ague with myself almost daily about writing in my journal, I’m always glad I did when it comes time for introspection and celebrating my accomplishments.  Someday my children will be clearing the attic and come across my journals.  Who knows, the information contained within might be book worthy? Or, they will get a really good laugh!

I would love to hear about your dreams.  Schedule a porch talk conversation by clicking this link, and we can discuss what steps to take next to create the life you are dreaming of.