Theme for 2024

I love creating themes for things: parties, gardens, months, and years. It helps me focus. Each year around this time, I choose a word of the year and a theme. To be honest, my themes aren’t that catchy. I like them to rhyme with the year. Last year was “Free to be Me in 2023”. I think this year will be “Opportunities galore in 2024”.

Words Have Power

The word of the year is a little trickier. It has to have meaning, be associated with my goals, and match my theme. A couple of years ago, I chose the opulent. I did all the research on meanings and uses. It had a great sound. In the end, however, it was hard to incorporate. Last year, I chose the word freedom. Now, that one had some umph. Freedom from debt, check. Freedom in relationships, check. The freedom to travel, double check. That word just really summed up my year powerfully.

This year, I’m thinking about fun. The word fun isn’t fascinating, so I’ve toyed around with spunky and playful. Playful fits in with my theme. You can find several opportunities to be playful, whereas spunky is a little harder to define. The problem with playful is that the word itself doesn’t appeal to me, so I would easily forget it. Maybe I will go with whimsical. I’ve always enjoyed that word.

What is Your Theme

You may not be someone who puts much thought into the year as a whole, but it’s a fun exercise to play with. What would be your theme and word for 2024? How might you incorporate that into everything you do? When planning an outing, ask yourself, “Is this whimsical enough?” Even cooking meals can be part of your theme and word of the year. What whimsical foods could you experiment with?
I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on the subject. Be sure to comment with your theme/word for 2024. Your ideas will surely inspire others.