If you have looked into energy work at all, you have heard of sound therapy. It is the power of sound. Everything we do is based on a frequency of vibrations. Some we hear, some we cannot. If you have studied Abraham Hicks, Mary Morrissey or any of the other current day thought leaders, they will all tell you to raise your vibration.

What does that really mean? You can think a happy thought and that will raise your vibration. Listen to a motivational speech, that will raise your vibration. How about chanting? You can do this with no special equipment needed. Vibrations create sounds. If you tune into the right vibration, the accompanying sound would increase your own vibrations.


I did a speech in college on tuning your instrument to A. It is the most natural note in the scale, 440 Hz. However, in my studies, I found that 440 Hz was not always considered Universal A. It used to be 432 Hz. There is a whole conspiracy theory on this which dates from World War II. 432 Hz is much more pleasing to the ear, however, workers where more productive with 440 Hz. The radio stations would play the A tone on the hour, and thus, to make workers more productive, they switched it from the melodious 432 Hz to the more irritating 440 Hz. All this is to say, tone matters.

In the Hindu religions, chanting is an important way to pass on the Vedas. In some of the Vedas it was done by chanting and it was extremely important to get the tone of each syllable correct, else wise it would not be as powerful. That is why this religion was passed down verbally instead of written.


In the nature religion known as Witchcraft, chants are an effect way to communicate with the elements of nature. If we have reached higher levels of consciousness, we can hear the sounds of the rocks, trees, flowers and other living beings.

If you enjoy the sound of chanting, the Gregorian Monks have a powerful message through their chants. I cannot image listening to their beautiful deep tones and not feel connected to Divine Essence.

So, what is a chant? It is a phrase, song, or tone sung or said repeatedly. Years ago, the only chant I thought of was the Atlanta Braves tomahawk chant, “oh oh ooooh, oh oh oh.” It seemed to work well for them. Now I am open to experiment with many different styles of chanting. I have started listening to different chants during meditation and have even let the sound erupt from my own being a few times. Give it a try and let me know your chanting experience in the comments below.

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