Gratitude or Appreciation?

I was listening to an interview between Natasha Mason, of Shine Your Sober Light, and Debra Cummings, of the Soul Notes podcast, and the topic of gratitude practices came up.  I have never quite gotten into the gratitude phenomena. Imagine my relief to hear that Debra Cummings wasn’t either.  She likes to practice the art of appreciation.  Now that I can jive with.

What exactly is the art of appreciation? Appreciation itself has several meanings.  It can mean an increase in value, recognition of good qualities or, a full understanding of a situation.  Personally, I find it easier to appreciate a gorgeous sunset than to say I am grateful for the sunset.  Appreciation raises my vibration whereas gratitude kind of feels forced.

When I was younger, I heard the phrase, “you should be grateful for what you have.”  It wasn’t said in a loving way, it was more of a threat.  I believe a lot of folks in my age range feel the same way.  My parents struggled through the depression and had gratitude practices forced upon them.

Most folks agree that they want to feel appreciated.  This sentiment can be expressed through words,

“I really appreciate all that you do,”


“I got these flowers to show my appreciation,”


Truly listen when someone is talking.

Next time you want to raise your vibration, practice the art of appreciation.  You don’t need to write down three things, or do a gratitude journal…just stop and take notice and appreciate all that is around you, the feel of the sun on your face, the soft texture of a leaf and say “Thank you.”

P.S.  I appreciate you for taking time to read this post…thank you!  If you need someone to listen, click the link to schedule a Porch Talk.