How do you tap into your intuition?


I post that question with a double meaning.  For those who have been ignoring their still small voice, it would be a “how-to” question. 

For those who tap in every day, I want to hear your specific method.

In the last blog, I wrote about asking questions and listening for soft, non-frantic answers.  I also mentioned using meditation.

This week I want to cover a few other tools for tapping in. 

First:  the pendulum

You don’t need to go out and buy some beautifully crafted crystal pendulum to use this tool.  Any object with a hole in for a string that has a little bit of weight will do.  A necklace can work just fine.  If it is one you wear every day, that’s even better as it will already be tuned into your energy.

Pendulums need calibration before you start asking serious questions.  I like the in-depth pendulum exercises from Freda Morris’ book, Self-hypnosis in Two Days.

 But if you are in a hurry here is the quick and easy version:

      Hold your pendulum in your dominant hand.

      Ask a simple yes or no question that you know the answer to, such as, is my name Debra?

      Wait for the pendulum to start moving.  Notice whether it goes left to right, up or down, clockwise or counterclockwise.

      Ask another yes question to verify that it moves the same way for each yes question.

      To confirm, ask a no question and see how the pendulum responds.

Once you a sure of how your pendulum responds to you, you can use it to reach into your subconscious for answers.  Very nice if you can’t find your car keys.

Side note:  pendulums respond differently for each person who uses them, so don’t be alarmed if your friend gets a different response than you.

Next:  Tarot or Oracle cards

Many people think tarot decks and oracle cards have a slightly sinister feel to them.  The use of these cards has a very colorful history.  Once again, whatever tool you use is tuned into your energy, so you don’t have to worry that you have moved to the “dark side” if you choose this method of subconscious recovery.

There is a long history of symbology with tarot.  Because of this, it is good to have at least a beginner’s feel for what the suits and symbols mean universally.  Once you get a basic idea, tune into what you feel the cards represent.

I usually ask, “what do I need to know today?” pull my card and then let my intuition guide what that card means in response to my question.  I might pull out the guidebook for that deck to see the author’s interpretation, but not often. My pick is usually right on the money of what I thought I needed to know, so the process acts as confirmation.

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