How is your health and well-being?

 Throughout the month of August, we will be focusing on health and well-BE-ing.  What does it really mean to be healthy?  Is it an energetic feeling or just the absence of illness? Perhaps it is a peace of mind and a physical vitality.  Truth be told, it is whatever you decide it is…whatever works for you.

How do we achieve peace of mind?  When you feel good inside and happy with yourself, there is no conflict between you and the way you live.

For many of us there is an inner messaging about the life we ought to be living, the choices we ought to make, but we don’t always live in cooperation with that.  We live out of harmony.

Depending on how many choices a day we make that are out of harmony with our inner knowing, determines how much dis-ease we feel.  With enough dis-ease in the emotional/ intellectual system it must then pattern in the physical structure.  The physical system bears witness to what is going on in our mind.

I know a lot of people say, “Oh yeah, I’m healthy.  I feel great.”  Then they open up their medicine cabinet and take a bunch of pills.  If that is your idea of healthy, more power to you.  Well-being is based on you begin in harmony with YOU!  It is not a matter of size, shape or skin tone.

We were granted this one body to use as a temple to house our spirit.  Does your spirit feel alignment with its temple?

Take a quick inventory:

How do your feet feel?  Is there room for improvement?

How do your legs feel?  Do they need a little exercise?

How are your knees supporting you?

What about your hips?  Do they feel in alignment?

Sense how your stomach and intestines are doing?  Are there some changes that could be made to help them feel better?

How’s your heart?  Would a like cardio or meditation help?

Are your arms strong enough for your daily tasks?

How is your head doing?  Is it mindful and just full?

Make some notes…

 Now that you have noticed your body, perhaps for the first time in a while, what is it telling you about your health and well-being?  Make a quick list of things you might like to improve.  It might be as simple as taking a walk in the evening or drinking an extra glass of water.

I challenge you to make one new healthy choice per day this month.  Some of these choices will lead to new patterns in your life and start to feel really good about yourself.  The first choice might be starting your day at night.  Give thanks for the day as you go to bed, even if it did not go as YOU planned.  Set your intention for the next day as you go to sleep.

REST                   RENEW                   RESTORE              RELEASE               REFOCUS

If you would like more ideas for better health, join me in the next Vision Masterclass for tools and tricks to tune into your body.  Visit my website at for the next workshop date.

Until next week – Here’s to your health.