“Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible.”

I have always been a lifelong learner and interested in well-being. Unsurprisingly, my Google searches led me down wandering paths through human design, radiesthesia, herbalism, and Biogeometry.  Therefore, I recently finished a foundation course in BioGeometry and would enjoy sharing some details with you. Perhaps you will find harmonious living with biogeometry.


BioGeometry was founded in 1993 by Dr. Ibrahim Karim after 28 years of research. This quote best explains the science:

“BioGeometry is the science of achieving energy balance using shape, color, motion, and sound to live in harmony with our inner and outer environments. We will use it to have a deeper understanding of different subjects: diet, gems, perfumes, sports, cellular phones, computers, the Earth, religious rituals, motor cars, television, music, dance, art, decoration, the home, emotional problems, mental attitudes, medicines, society, agriculture, and all fields of alternative medicine from the energy point of view.”


The first step in the practice is to find your frequency using a pendulum. It is similar to dowsing but focuses on frequency, not questions. After determining your own frequency, you can use this calibrated pendulum to test whether products, rooms, foods, or anything is good for you. In addition, you will get a clockwise, good, neutral, or counterclockwise, not-so-good reading and can apply specific fixes to make everything harmonious. If you have studied vibrational radiesthesia, this will all sound familiar.

BG3 pendulum for Biogeometry


The second layer is to place geometric shapes in areas of your home, office, or yard that are not in harmony. What’s more, you can wear different shapes based on health concerns. All of these harmonious “fixes” create BG3. If you have ever been to a sacred space, you have probably experienced the frequency known as BG3. It combines the frequencies of the higher harmonic of gold, the higher harmonic of ultraviolet, and the higher harmonic of horizontal negative green. The last one is a topic for another conversation.

Once again, by using a specially calibrated pendulum, you can find and create BG3 in your home to provide a more harmonious living environment. I look forward to adding these techniques to my consulting and coaching practices. For more information, visit www.biogeometry.com.

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