We have all heard of the evolution of a species or even person-kind, but we seldom hear about self-evolution. With the riots and dissatisfaction of the current world order, many people are noticing the growth in the interest of where is person-kind in the evolutionary process. I believe we are on the threshold of a newer understanding of how we relate to each other. Where will you fit in.

Continuing with the series of beginnings and contemplation this week I would like to explore self-evolution. Even if you seldom consider your growth as a human, you are not the same person you were yesterday, last year or 10 years ago. You have the choice to evolve on purpose or by default. As we move into the last quarter moon it is a perfect time to decide what parts of yourself you are ready to leave behind to allow room for the person you are choosing to become. Do you want to be more compassionate and let go of judgement? Do you experience more love by letting go of anger?

As the saying goes, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” – Aristotle, which means if you get rid of something without consciously deciding what to replace it with, nature will fill it with something, even if that is something you do not want. The evolution of the human species came about due to necessity and grew upon past inventiveness. What are some of your past triumphs that you can evolve into greater success?

This week, take some time to review your strengths and weaknesses and decide which ones you want to evolve into greatness and which ones you no longer have a use for.

For fun, take my What is Your Growth Style? quiz.  It might produce some interesting insights.