I am off on another journal in self-discovery, my favorite kind of journey, but sometimes it can be a struggle.  This is my own fault, of course.  I google something or watch a webinar and off I go down the rabbit hole.  Focus can be a struggle, needless to say.  During the Lifewave Heal conference last week I discovered Human Design.   This then led to Gene Keys so now I am wandering through wonderland uncovering messages that Source has set aside just for me.  Sometimes it is nice being one-of-a-kind, as we all are, but other times you just want to sit and chat with someone just like you.

Human Design

Human Design is a system download by Ra Uru Hu in 1987.  I found it to be very accurate and help me understand why my life unfolded the way it did.  As with many things I study, I ordered some books, and as fate would have it, they were about Gene Keys, not Human Design.  Fate has a funny way of giving me direction.


Gene Keys

Gene Keys is a system downloaded and put into words by Richard Rudd in 2002.  Richard had studied the Human Design so it made sense that Amazon decided I needed a more updated system.

As part of the Gene Keys program, you study the Golden Path.  I have gotten to that part yet; I’m still reading the books.  There are three sections to the path (there is that three reference again I spoke about recently). The activation sequence is first.  It helps you uncover your life purpose, so of course, I started there.

Let’s go!

Step One: read about your Life’s Work Gene Key.

Let me tell you, when I saw Struggle I thought, “well that explains a lot, let’s just quit and go back out in the yard.”

Upon further contemplation, however, I realized struggle is a necessity. Many of us have heard the story of someone trying to “help” a butterfly out of the cocoon only to have it die because its wings weren’t strong enough.  It didn’t struggle to get out so it had no muscle, no oomph. The same goes for us.  Without struggle we do not grow.  It is usually our habits that keep us in the same struggle for years.

The next question might be, how do we enjoy the struggle?  The struggle is a challenge.  Most people enjoy taking on a challenge.  Find a challenge worth struggling for.  Fight the big fight.  What is a cause or person you are passionate about?  Struggle for that.  Find the good that will develop from the struggle and you will no longer suffer through the process.  As Richard Rudd said, “The Earth is a school and we are here to learn.”

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