Manifest Abundant Joy

We are master manifesters by nature.  As humans, we can manifest abundant joy or choose to display great sorrow.

Most have heard stories of people who have gone through tragedy in life, yet they feel peace and joy.  Their joy comes from the realization that we get to choose how we think about any given experience, and these people choose joy.  It is similar to always looking for the silver lining.

Although it is not a society standard, there is good in everything.  You need to see the good.  Seeking the good is truly a life’s work and is not always easy.

But creating abundant joy can be easy.  Study what brings you joy.  Picture in your mind the last time you felt joy with every fiber of your being; you tingled with pleasure.  What compelled you to feel that joy?  Write it down.

Does viewing a gorgeous sunset bring you joy?  Write that down.

How about a message from someone you love? Write that down.

When your furry friend lays their head in your lap, how does that feel?  Add that to the list.

Continue making a list of everything the fills you with joy.

Some of my favorite joy creators are:

Watching the clouds

Admiring a rosebud just as it is opening to fullness

Seeing the full moon reflecting on the pond

Tasting a perfect cheesecake

Hugging anyone in my family

Talking to my dog, Patch.

Watching the chickens and Guineas run around the yard like they are possessed.

Once you have created your list of joys, post it where you can see it. 

Make several copies to have in every room of the house.  Each time you start to feel something other than joy, review your list and take action to feel the pleasure.

As a next step…

Remove things from your life that do not bring you joy.  Marie Kondo recommends in her book “Spark Joy” that if you hold something in your hands and it does not bring you joy, sell it, give it away, or donate it.  Surround yourself with objects that please you.

 I offer complimentary strategy sessions, called Porch Talks, for folks who are looking to creating my joy in their lives.  If you would like to hang out for a casual conversation about your dreams for life, schedule some time with me here.