It’s Time to Emerge

What does it mean to emerge?  Plants emerge from the soil every spring whether from planted seeds or after being dormant.  Butterflies emerge from cocoons.  People emerge from the shower, the bedroom, or the elevator.  But, what does it really mean to fully emerge?

Definitions:  move out of or away from something and come into view, become apparent, important, or prominent.

To fully emerge we need to realize our importance.  We need to come into view.  In what ways are you currently hiding and choosing not to be seen?  What are the reasons behind this decision to stay in the background of your life? I have several coaches and mentors that assist me in my emergence.

Part of working with a coach is to help me uncover the why’s and what’s so that I can manifest the how’s.  It is just like having a gardener feed the soil, water the seedling and protect the maturing plant from the elements.

During this season of Imbolc, we get to see the signs of the sun coming back into full light helping us emerge from the winter’s darkness.  It is a season of new beginnings.  Perhaps you set intentions at the New Year that never made it past the seedling stage.  Now is the time to begin again, start over, or ever change your course.

If you want help emerging into greatness let me become Your Life Gardener and nurture your dreams with you into full bloom.  Join the Your Life Gardener Facebook group for weekly tips.