Imagination and Creativity – The Perfect Pair

I never considered myself the creative type. I spent most of my life thinking that creative people were craftspeople or artists. Occasionally someone would tell me how creative I was and I wondered what I had done to make them think that. Finally I woke up and realized that every time I used my imagination, whether I was designing a garden, figuring out what to make for dinner with “nothing in the pantry”, that these were all forms of creativity. Our imagination is what creates our dreams. If you can imagine it, you can create it.

I know you have had days where you imagine yourself on a beach somewhere. Guess what? It can happen. Dream it, believe it, create it. It really is that simple.

Now timing, that’s another topic. Dream it first. What do you want to create in your life? Picture it in your mind. What does this dream look like? Taste like? Smell like? Sound like? The more you create this dream in your imagination, the more the Universe conspires to make it happen. If you would like help building your dream life, book a strategy session with me.

This crazy Chakra garden idea of mine was just a figment of my imagination last year. Now it is coming to life. Why? Because I took action on my dream. There is always something you can do to move towards your goal. What is that one thing? Get creative. I know you can think of something. Post it in the comments.