Healthy eating accountability partner

Have you ever tried to change a “bad” health habit and your partner just isn’t on board? I can’t even tell you how many times I wanted to bring more fresh veggies in the house, or drink less coffee or alcohol, or even just eat breakfast everyday and my partner just isn’t on board. It makes changing habits rather difficult. Oh! I forgot the big one. When I say, “please bring home something for dinner,” don’t make it a frozen, processed meal. He is not into healthy eating.

Perhaps the main issue is that we never had the “healthy eating habits” conversation. I’ve always been a fairly healthy eater. I studied nutrition, I have some great cookbooks, and sometimes I even enjoy cooking. My partner brought his “Let’s Grill” collection of cookbooks and the idea that a good meal is a plate full of Tortino’s Pizza rolls. He doesn’t have any health issues, feels pretty good and just doesn’t see a reason to change anything, especially if there is kitchen clean-up involved.

Healthy eating resources

So, what are some resources for accountability partners when your partner is not it? A great place to start is social media. There are plenty of focus groups on Facebook where you can join a community of like-minded individuals that can be your PIB’s, Partners in Believing. One of my groups, Your Life Gardener, can help you work on the mindset of healthy eating and any other goals you are working on.

If you are including a workout routine in your healthy lifestyle goals, the gym or walking trail would be another great place to find an accountability partner, and make a new friend in the works.

I don’t really recommend the self-trackers that so many programs come with. Who is going to see it besides you? I am much better on commenting on a daily post that “yes” I did eat clean today rather than checking off a box no one can hold me accountable for. Habit trackers are just not my style.

I hope this has brought you some new inspiration and we would love to see you in the Your Life Gardener group if you are so inclined.