Notice what you are noticing


Through the month of March, we have covered several topics from intuition to struggle.  The key to all of these topics is to notice what you are noticing.  As your coach and mentor, it is my job to help you identify what you are thinking, but just as important, where are you feeling it.

I felt that!

When you get angry or frustrated, where do you notice the tension?  Is it in your shoulders?  Does your head feel the pressure?

If the sun is shining and your world seems beautiful, where do you feel that sensation?  Is it in your heart chakra?  Maybe you feel joy in your belly.

Knowing where you feel different emotions in your body can help you recognize an emotion before it gets out of control, or enhance the emotion if it is something you want to feel.

Stopping the negative train

The sooner you can stop a negative emotion the less chance there is that it will cause stress in the body.  As you will find in the 10-Day Stress Detox Challenge, there are many fun ways to reduce stress, or change the direction of your negative train of thought.

Helpful habits

Here is a list of some of the methods we will be covering:

  • Meditation
  • Movement
  • Sleep habits
  • Appreciation
  • Surroundings
  • And many more

So, it’s time to break out a new journal and start noticing what you are noticing, and where you feel it in your body.  This is one of the first steps to creating your beautiful garden called life.

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