Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

This week I would like to tell you a story about bamboo.

As a gardener, bamboo is not something I would plant in the yard.  It has a tendency to take over.  However, it does make a good privacy fence and has great height and color. And, the story of its growth is quite inspirational.

If you plant bamboo seeds, it usually takes 1-3 weeks for the sprout to reach the surface.  Then in the first year it grows…1 inch.  You water it, nurture it, make sure it has sunlight and in the second year it grows…1 inch.  You are so happy that it is still alive so you water it, nurture it, make sure it has sunlight and in the third year it grows… 1 inch.  At this point you may be thinking, what is the point of all this?  I should have kept it as a houseplant.

In the fourth year you water it, nurture it and makes sure it has sunlight and it grows…11 feet. Say what? 

For three years, the bamboo plant is creating a massive rhizome root system so it can support a 20-foot tree.  Once this root mass it developed, it is almost indestructible.

Developing Your Own Deep Roots

Sometimes, you are I are like bamboo.  We read all the books, take classes, study techniques and the results just don’t show up.  Know that if you keep investing in yourself, one day the results will skyrocket, as if by magic.  And, you will have created an almost indestructible root system that can take over the world, or your corner of it.

I invite you to invest in yourself through my coaching program.  I will share with you a 10-step program to assist you developing deep roots and great height in life.  Click this link to schedule a Porch Talk and let’s get you started.

A final note about growing bamboo; it’s better to get a cutting because it is hard to propagate from seed.  Just thought you should know.