In today’s fast-paced world, getting caught up in the daily grind and losing sight of personal integrity is easy. But I heard about a challenge known as 75 Hard, which has been gaining popularity for its focus on mental toughness and commitment.  This sounded like just what I needed, as I have repeatedly missed a goal I’ve been working on. Developed by entrepreneur Andy Frisella, 75 Hard is more than a fitness challenge—it’s a way to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

What’s 75 Hard All About?

Over 75 days, you must follow these five simple rules:

  1. Follow a Diet: Stick to any diet of your choice without cheating or drinking alcohol.
  2. Two Workouts a Day: Do two 45-minute workouts each day, one of which must be outdoors, no matter the weather.
  3. Drink One Gallon of Water: Hydrate by drinking a gallon of water daily.
  4. Read 10 Pages: Read at least 10 pages of a nonfiction book or something focused on personal growth. Audiobooks are not allowed.
  5. Take a Progress Picture: Snap a daily progress photo to see how you change.

It’s straightforward but strict. If you miss any rule, you start back at day one. As of today, I am on my third Day One, and it’s only week one.

Why Integrity Matters

Personal integrity is all about aligning your actions with your values, even when no one’s watching. It’s a mix of consistency, discipline, and honesty that builds trust and helps you feel good about yourself.

How 75 Hard Boosts Integrity

  1. Sticking to Your Commitments: Following the 75-day program creates a habit of sticking to your word. Each day is a new chance to either follow through, make excuses, or consciously choose to start over.
  2. Accountability: Taking daily photos and tracking progress keeps you accountable. Seeing your progress over time reinforces positive habits.
  3. Resilience and Discipline: Two workouts a day can be tough, especially with unpredictable weather. They force you out of your comfort zone and help you build mental and physical resilience. Frisella specifically states that it should be inconvenient. You can’t just do 90 minutes all at once.
  4. Delayed Gratification: No cheat meals and no skipping workouts teach you to value long-term results over instant comfort. They also show the importance of integrity and sticking to your plan.
  5. Self-Belief: Finishing the challenge proves that even seemingly impossible goals are achievable with the right mindset. This boost in confidence carries over into other parts of life.

Wrapping It Up

I’m not doing 75 Hard as a fitness challenge; it’s a wake-up call to see how disciplined and committed I am. It’s a lesson in personal integrity, holding yourself accountable when no one else will. The discipline and consistency you build will stick with you long after day 75.

Whether you take on this challenge to get stronger physically or mentally, the journey will reshape your habits and mindset for the better. And ultimately, that’s what personal integrity is all about.