Have you started your vision statement yet?

In last weeks blog we covered the basic material you need to create your most powerful vision statement. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, you can read it here.
In review:

 1. Know your core values
2. Know your passions
3. Know your assets
4. Know your legacy
5. Create your purpose statement

 Let’s bring this home now. There are 4 major life areas that most people set goals in: Health and Well-being, Love and Relationships, Vocation, and Time and Money Freedom.
Let’s take a moment to unpack those.

Health and Well-being 

This is everything that has to do we how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you have a current health concern part of your vision would be wellness. You might use words like: energized, vibrant, radiant, or joyful to describe your desired outcome. Take a moment and picture what you would be doing in your state of perfect health. Look at your core values, passions, assets and your legacy; how do they fit into your picture of radiant health and well-being.


Love and Relationships I

n this area we focus on any type of relationship; romantic, parent/child, friendships, mentors, co-workers. As you are writing out your vision, take a moment to consider each one of these areas and how you would love for it to appear in your life. Consider terms such as: passionate, comfortable, compassionate, loving, agreeable, and sympathetic when describing each of these different relationship types. Once again, consider your core values, passions, assets and legacy when creating this vision.


Vocation T

To many people vocation implies work, however, it really refers to your calling in life. This is where all 5 steps come most into play. What mark do you want to leave on the world? As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I love to create beautiful space. As part of my legacy, I have planted trees in public spaces and re-designed outdoor areas as part of the legacy I leave for the next generation. Because this is such a large part of life, spend a little extra time meditating on what you want your legacy to be.


Time and Money Freedom

This is usually everyone’s favorite. What do I get to do with all my abundance? As always, start with your core values, passions, assets, legacy and purpose. If your goal is to save the whales, this is where you vision that out. Perhaps you want to travel the world and learn about different cultures…the sky is the limit. As you pattern this part of your vision statement, think about who is with you, what organizations you might want to partner with, and really tap into how you feel once everything worked out as you envisioned. This is powerful stuff.


As a Life Mastery Consultant, I can connect you with all the tools to make this vision a reality. If you haven’t already attended a Vision Masterclass or booked a strategy session, now is the time. Click either of the links to get on the schedule today.