DreamBuilder Program

A twelve  week program of awakening and transformation.

Why Settle for “Good” When You Can Be “Exceptional”?

You might not realize it now, but you have the power within you, at this very moment in time, to create a life that you absolutely love.

Regardless of any circumstances or situations you might be facing, you have the ability to achieve the results you desire in EVERY area of your life, including time and money freedom, love and relationships, vocation, and health and well-being.

And although your life might seem good right now, wouldn’t you love for it to be exceptional? Imagine what that might look like for you…

What if Moving to the Next Level of Success Could Actually Be a FUN and Joyous Experience?

Would you be open to the idea that anything is possible? Because it truly is!

You might be surprised to learn that reaching the level of fulfillment and abundance you desire can actually be an invigorating and life-giving experience… instead of feeling like a lot of struggle, sacrifice and hard work.

If you’ve been successful in life, but still don’t feel entirely fulfilled…

If you’ve reached several of your biggest goals in life, but still long for more…

Or if you’re standing still because you’re not even sure how to move forward…

There’s a proven system of transformation – designed for people just like you – that you can follow in order to go from good to exceptional faster and more easily than you’ve imagined possible.

dream builder

The Breakthrough Moment I Realized I Didn’t Want My Present Good to Be the Enemy of My Future Great…

Ever since I was a teenager, I dreamed of being a great leader and speaker. 

Every time I got close to realizing that dream, I let something stop me…self-sabotage.

Then I achieved success in a totally different field that led me to want to teach other people what I had learned, but I didn’t have a system. 

I heard of a woman who was doing what I was attempting to do and she seemed to be doing it with so much joy and ease.  So I decided to hire her as my mentor. She showed me the pattern that she had developed into a proven system.

This decision wasn’t easy and it wasn’t convenient.  Great opportunities rarely are.

By applying what she taught me, my life and my business began to transform.  I saw that my belief that hard work always had to precede success was false.

Learning how to operate in harmony with this system, I discovered how to BREAK THROUGH to ever-increasing levels of success in the four areas of life that matter most to me – health, relationships, vocation, and time and money freedom

And the best part?  This process was actually joyful, life-giving and FUN!

So Many People Wanted to Know the Secret to My Success… I Began Coaching Them in the Same System I Use!

Tens of thousands of people from all over the world have applied the DreamBuilder Program to transform their lives in ways they never imagined possible. Many have experienced extraordinary results, such as:

Achieving long-held dreams in a fraction of the time it takes most others – finally writing that book, running that race, traveling to that place they’ve always dreamed of visiting, finding their dream job, or starting or selling that business.

An increase in financial abundance – being able to do what they want to do, have what they want to have and, most importantly, give what they truly want to give.

Greater vocational success and satisfaction – increased meaning, fulfillment and FUN at work or in their business.

Increased time freedom – feeling more empowered to say “YES” to family events, weekends away and being FULLY PRESENT with their loved ones.

Closer, more loving relationships – finding the love of their lives, or elevating their current relationships to a higher frequency, resulting in deeper, closer, more supportive partnerships with increased fun and connection.

Greater energy and vitality – making better decisions and feeling more empowered to impact their health and well-being, allowing them to do more of what they’d truly love to be doing!

“The point of power is within, and what is within us is far grater than anything in our surroundings.”

In week one I help you uncover what your dream really is by defining your dream. This is the first step in the Blueprinting phase of Dream Building.

We are either creating a life by design or by default.

In week two we’re going to decide for the dream and as we decide for the dream consider this as a sacred invitation between you and the infinite, or you higher self.

Shifting your perception so you are ready for change.

It is now time to amplify our sense of deserving.  Like a magnet, this increased sense of deserving attracts to us support, such as people, money and other resources.

Turning your fear into a stepping stone.

In week four I will show you four steps to overcoming your fears and recognizing your paradigms.

The Gap: Turning a sense of lack into the recognition of abundance.

It’s week 5 and we are learning how to activate the Law of Circulation through giving.

Expression of Love or a call for Love.

In the Course in Miracles, there is an interesting statement that says, “Every action we take is either in expression of love, or a call for love, regardless of how unskillful it may seem.”  In week 6 we start the study of compassion and the beginning of forgiveness.

The Gap: Taking the steps between separation and connection through forgiveness.

As you know, forgiveness is giving up one perception for a higher perception of something. In week 7 we learn some tools for including forgiveness as part of your daily practices.

One way to accelerate your dream is to learn to listen to the “still, small voice,” which is our intuition.

In week 8 we move into the Building Phase, the acceleration steps of DreamBuilding.

Creating a support system

It’s week 9 and we are now going to discover the three benefits of a mastermind group.

Disciplining the mind so that we are not pulled by the gravitational forces of the circumstances or conditions of our current pattern of life.

In week 10 we are learning to think more from the mind of the person who is living the life of our dream.

Failure is the gift of feedback.

This week, number 11, we talk about three ways to view an apparent failure as a gift of feedback.

It’s time to harvest your dream.

As Mary Morrissey says, “the greatest gift of DreamBuilding is who you become in the process.” If you are willing, DreamBuilding is now your lifelong work.


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  • Access to 12 weeks of live training and Q & A.
  • Your personal client guide
  • A private Facebook group to keep you motivated and inspired.
  • 3 guided meditations for your every day practice
  • Private 1 hour 1:1 vision calibration call
  • Private 1 hour 1:1 assessment call
  • Access to 12 weeks of live training and Q & A.
  • Your personal client guide
  • A private Facebook group to keep you motivated and inspired.
  • 3 guided meditations for your every day practice
  • Private 1 hour 1:1 vision calibration call
  • Private 1 hour 1:1 assessment call
  • 10% discount for paying in full